Join the Empire, and help bring
order to the galaxy!


Identify yourself as a loyal servant
of the Emperor by proudly
displaying the true icon of power.

The Rebellion is always
in need of good people!


Sometimes they are hard to find, but
when you see a pendant like this
hanging on someone’s neck, you know
you’ve found a friend.


These are beautiful pendants, or slides, to be worn on a necklace. They are cast
in Sterling Silver, stamped 925, and hand polished to a very high shine. Each piece
is one of a kind; due to the hand polishing, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each is
designed to have some weight to it, and has a very nice feel as it rests on your chest.

Pricing:(tax is included!)

     Rebel Alliance (pendant): $70
     Imperial cog (pendant): $70 - A variety of colors are available, just ask!
     Imperial cog (coin): $60 - A variety of colors are available, just ask!

(You can also pay by Money Order or Personal Check. Contact me for more information.)


Have questions? Want to order 1, or maybe 10? Contact Abel Goddard:


Phone: 214-587-9234